Mission & Vision


We envision the faith community serving as a prophetic voice and spiritual advocate that is aware of the plight of workers, especially low-wage workers and those victimized by social injustice.


SFIWJ's mission is to involve the faith community in issues that will improve the wages, benefits, and employment conditions of the workers, especially the low-wage workers of South Florida.

Values Statement

  • Work is a blessing and a responsibility, an expression of our faith.
  • Work gives meaning to life and the means by which to enjoy life.
  • Workers are not tools or machines, but have divine worth.
  • People are not to be exploited or abused.
  • All workers, whether engaged in intellectual or manual labor, are to be respected.
  • Employers and workers can expect from each other personal responsibility and quality of work.


  • Advocate for a just system of management labor relations.
  • Promote a moral conscience regarding issues of employment.
  • Encourage employers to respect workers’ right to organize, unionize and negotiate contracts in good faith.
  • Educate the faith community on the rights of workers to obtain a living wage and decent employment conditions.
  • Foster relationships among the faith community, workers, and employers.