Employee Free Choice Act

What the Faith Community is Saying about Unions

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The freedom to join trade unions and the effective action of unions...are meant to deliver work from the mere condition of 'a commodity' and to guarantee its dignity...The right of association is a natural right of the human being...Indeed, the formation of unions cannot...be prohibited by the state because the state is bound to protect natural rights...
Pope John Paul II, (Centesimus Annus, 1992)

Jewish Leaders, along with our Catholic and Protestant counterparts, have always supported the labor movement and the rights of employees to form unions for the purpose of engaging in collective bargaining and attaining fairness in the workplace. We believe that permanent replacement of striking workers upsets the balance of power needed for democratic values of this nation.
(Preamble to the Workplace Fairness Resolution adopted at 104th Annual Convention, 1993)

What is the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)?

EFCA is a bill that will restore the right of working people to form and join unions. It will require employers to recognize the union once a majority of workers sign cards; increase penalties on employers who ignore the law; and assure workers a first contract.

How would EFCA benefit workers in the US?

Unions have a strong history of being the catalyst for changes in public policies - prohibitions on child labor, the eight-hour workday, social security, pension protections and the minimum wage were fought for and won by the labor movement. Union members also gain higher wages through the process of collective bargaining, advocate for health coverage for uninsured Americans and stronger enforcement of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

IWJ EFCA Informational Video