What Are People Saying?

"Trabajar no es un delito. Es no trabajar que es un delito." 
"Work isn't an offense. It's not working that is the offense."  Agustin, Panamanian worker
"Si no pagamos nuestra duda, quien va a pager? Uno no viene a robar... solamente a buscar el alimiento que necesitan los ninos." 
 "If we don't pay our debt, who will? One doesn't come to rob... only to work to provide food for the children." Guatemalan worker in a meeting with Homestead police discussing police assistance in local immigration raids.

“I truly appreciate the presence and ministries of SFIWJ because it provides for me, and my church, a resource and a vehicle for economic justice programs, ministries and speakers. Without SFIWJ my church would have to create alliances from scratch. SFIWJ also provides credible and reliable research on legislative actions and labor issues. Hence, South Florida and my church are grateful for the presence and ministries of SFIWJ.”

Rev. Dr. Guillermo Márquez-Sterling, Associate Pastor at Coral Gables Congregational UCC

"If Interfaith Worker Justice did not exist, someone would have had to invent it. We bring the community's attention to the fact that workers have rights, that workers are human beings. We should be striving not only to love but to live and help live." 

Rabbi Solomon Schiff, Rabbinical Association of Greater Miami