What is Wage Theft & Why Should We Care?

Wage theft is epidemic in the US although, until a few years ago, it has not had a name. Wage theft includes not being paid for overtime, being paid less than minimum wage, or not being paid what has been promised.

Wage theft occurs when an employee must pay for safety equipment that should be provided or when an employee is misclassified as an independent contractor. Wage theft includes being forced to go off the clock to continue work, being forced to work through breaks, or having hours shaved off one's timecard. While the most egregious cases of wage theft may happen to undocumented workers, wage theft is not limited to only those workers. Wage theft happens in numerous industries to all types of employees. And where there is wage theft, it is highly likely that there are also health & safety violations, violations which endanger us all.

Wage theft was once referred to as the crime wave that no one talked about, but Interfaith Worker Justice has been leading the way nationally on this vital issue as have SFIWJ and the Florida Wage Theft Task Force. Please look out for alerts regarding this vital issue as we have entered the 2014 Florida Legislative Session. Unfortunately, there is an attempt once again to undermine the ability of counties to address this crucial issue that affects not only workers and their families, but also scrupulous businesses and local economies. To learn more, invite us to visit your house of worship for either a discussion or an educational program.

To see Interfaith Worker Justice Executive Director Kim Bobo testifying at an Education and Labor Committee hearing about the the Department of Labor's effectiveness in deterring wage theft, please click here.